1. Parties to the agreement.
The Agreement is concluded between the Internet service for the exchange of Electronic Assets, hereinafter referred to as the Service, on the one hand, and the User, represented by the one who used the services of the Service, on the other hand.

2. List of terms.
2.1. Service is a systеm for providing Internet services for the exchange, sale, and purchase of digital and/or electronic currencies.
2.2. A user is any natural person using the services of the service
2.3. The application is an expression of the User’s intention to use one of the services offered by the Service by filling out an electronic form through the Service’s website, on the terms described in the Agreement and specified in the parameters of this Application.
2.4. An electronic unit is an accounting unit of the relevant electronic settlement systems, denoting a certain amount of rights of claim or other rights arising from the agreement of electronic settlement systems with its users.

3. The subject of the agreement.
3.1. The subject of this Agreement is the provision to the User of the Service for the exchange of Electronic units.

4. General terms
4.1. This agreement governs the relationship between the User and the Service regarding the services provided by the Service to the User, and cancels all previous agreements between the Service and the User on this subject.
4.2. This agreement comes into effect from the moment the User completes the formation of the Application.
4.3 Both parties, represented by the Service and the User, accept this agreement as an agreement of equal legal force, indicated in writing.
4.4. The Service reserves the right to unilaterally make changes to this agreement without a corresponding notice to the User, but with the obligatory publication of the current version of the agreement on this page.
4.5. This agreement includes clauses and sub-clauses of the rules described in the articles “Rules for crediting cryptocurrency deposits” and “Refund rules”.

5. Terms of Service
5.1. If the Service’s account receives an amount that differs from that specified in the application, the Service makes a recalculation that corresponds to the actual receipt of the Electronic Units.
Most service directions are carried out automatically, when creating an Application for a manual exchange direction, you need to make sure that the operator is working (otherwise, payment will be made during the operator’s working hours), and that the work time is indicated in the site header. Cryptocurrency processing occurs after reaching the number of network confirmations specified by the Exchange, depending on the specific case. The required number of network confirmations for crediting Cryptocurrency Assets has indicated in the article “Rules for crediting cryptocurrency deposits”.
5.2. If the User requires a Refund, he goes through the rules described in the article “Refund Rules”.
5.3. In case of cancellation of the agreement or receipt of an erroneous payment, the Return of Electronic Units is made within 24 hours from the date of consent to the Return.
5.4. If the Electronic Units are not received from the User to the account of the Service within the specified period, from the moment the User applies, the agreement between the parties is terminated by the Service on the one hand, since the agreement does not enter into force. If the Electronic units arrive at the details of the Service after the specified period, then such funds are subject to Return by the “Return Rules” after the User’s request or the Service restores the User’s Application with his consent.
5.5. If there is a delay in the transfer of funds to the details specified by the User, due to the fault of the settlement systеm, the Service is not responsible for the damage resulting from the long receipt of funds. In this case, the User must agree that all claims will be made against the settlement systеm, and the Service will provide its assistance to the best of its ability within the law.
5.6. In the case of using the services of the Service, the User fully agrees that the Service bears limited liability by the framework of these rules for the received title units and does not give additional guarantees to the User, and also does not bear additional responsibility to him. Accordingly, the User does not bear additional responsibility to the Service.
5.7. The Service is not responsible for the damage and consequences of an erroneous transfer of Electronic Units if the User specified incorrect details when creating the Application.
5.8. It is strictly forbidden to use the services of the Service for illegal transfers and fraudulent activities. When concluding this agreement, the User undertakes to comply with these requirements and, in case of fraud, bear criminal liability established by law.
5.9. At the first request, the Service has the right to transfer information about the transfer of Electronic Units to law enforcement agencies, the administration of payment systems, as well as victims of illegal actions affected by fraud proven by the judicial authorities.
5.10. The User undertakes to present all documents proving his identity in case of suspicion of fraud and money laundering.
5.11. The User undertakes not to interfere with the operation of the Service and not damage its software and hardware, and the User undertakes to transmit accurate information to ensure that the Contractor fulfills all the terms of the contract.
5.12. The User undertakes to comply with the norms corresponding to the legislation, as well as not to fake communication flows and not create obstacles for the normal operation of the Service program code.
5.13. The user is prohibited from making exchanges in favor of third parties.
5.14. In case of suspicious transactions, the User may be requested to verify.

6. Unforeseen circumstances.
6.1 If in the process of processing the User’s Application, unforeseen circumstances arise that contribute to the failure of the Service to fulfill the terms of the agreement, the deadlines for completing the application are postponed for the corresponding period of force majeure. The Service is not responsible for overdue obligations. Unforeseen circumstances may inсlude any factors that are beyond the control of the Service.

6.2 If the client has not received an international transfer, we will refund the funds, the return lines are 10 business days.

7. Claims and disputes.
7.1 Claims under this agreement are accepted by the Service in the form of an e-mail, in which the User indicates the essence of the claim or in the User’s technical support chat.

8. Disclaimer.
8.1. The Service has the right to refuse to conclude an agreement and execute an Application without giving reasons.

9. Storage and processing of personal data
9.1. To carry out operations, the Service accepts from the User his data, which the Service undertakes to store in encrypted form, not to make it public, and not to transfer to third parties, except as described in clause 5.9. of this agreement.
9.2. The Service has the right, if necessary, to independently carry out activities to collect additional data about the User by any available means. All information collected as a result of such activities is not made public and is not transferred to third parties, except for the cases described in clause 5.9. of this agreement.
9.3. The Service has the right to transfer the User’s data and details of transactions performed by him, provided that their confidential status is maintained at the official written request of the Exchange or the Electronic Settlement systеm/court decision / own initiative (in the event of a need for an investigation) to law enforcement agencies, as well as to the User, to whom they belong.
9.4. All collected data about the User, as well as details of the operations performed by him, are stored in the Service database for
within 3 months from the moment the Service completed the last User Application.

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