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1. Parties of the agreement.

1.1 The contract is signed between the Internet service for exchange of title signs 2rbina.net, further the Performer — on the one hand, and the Customer, in the person of the one who used services of the Performer — on the other hand.

2. List of terms.

2.1. Exchange of title signs — the automated product the Internet of services which are provided by the Performer on the basis of these rules.

2.2. The customer — the natural person agreeing with conditions of the Performer and this agreement which joins.

2.3. The title sign — the conventional unit of this or that payment service provider which corresponds to calculations of electronic systems and designates the volume of the rights corresponding to the contract of a system of electronic payment and its Customer.

2.4. The application — the data transferred by the Customer for use of means of the Performer in electronic form and demonstrating that he accepts terms of use of service which are offered by the Performer in this application.

3. Terms of agreement.

3.1 These rules are considered as organized at the expense of conditions of the public offer which is formed during submission of the application by the Customer and is one of the main components of the present contract. The data on application supply conditions displayed by the performer are called as the public offer. To the main components of the public offer the actions made in completion of application by the Customer and speaking about his exact intentions to make the transaction on terms offered by the Performer before end of this application are. Time, date, and parameters of the application are created by the Performer automatically at the time of the end of formation of this application. The offer has to be accepted by the Customer within 24 hours from the end of formation of the application. The contract on service comes into force from the moment of receipt of title signs in the full size specified in the application from the Customer on the Performer’s details. Operations with title signs are considered according to rules, the regulations and a format of electronic systems by calculations. The contract is valid during the term which is established from the moment of application before cancellation at the initiative of one of the parties.

4. Subject of the agreement.

4.1 By use of the technical Performer methods undertakes to carry out exchange of title signs for a commission from the Customer, after submission of the application by this person and makes it by sale of title signs to the persons wishing to get them on the sum provided not below than in the application submitted by the Customer. The Performer undertakes to transfer money to the details specified by the Customer. In case of emergence during exchange of profit, it remains on the account of the Performer as additional benefit and an award for commission services.

5. In addition.

5.1. If into the account of the Performer the sum differing from specified in the application arrives, the Performer does recalculation which corresponds to the actual receipt of title signs. Sale of cryptocurrency is carried out in the manual mode, before creation of the application it is necessary will be convinced that the operator works (otherwise, there will be a recalculation of a course in working hours of the operator), operating time is specified in a website cap. Processing of cryptocurrency happens after 1-6 confirmations depending on a specific case. In case the application for purchase of cryptocurrency came to time off, there was a sharp jump of a course, the cryptocurrency comes to service more than 1 hour, recalculation on a relevant course is made.

5.2. In case the Customer demands return, on earlier executed applications, the Performer can make return with a deduction of the commission for this application and a deduction of the commission for proceeding the translation.

5.3. In case title signs do not go the Performer to the specified Customer’s details within 24 hours, the Customer has full authority to demand cancellation of the agreement and to cancel the application, thereby making return of title signs into the account in full.

5.4. In case of cancellation of the contract, return of electronic currency is made within 24 hours from the moment of receiving the requirement about cancellation of the contract. If delays at payment arose because of the Customer, return is made with a deduction of the commission 5%, the minimum commission of 200 rubles.

5.5. In case the note, the operator in the right to make return of means with a deduction of the commission of 5%, the minimum commission of 200 rubles is not necessary.

5.6. If title signs do not arrive from the Customer into the account of the Performer during the specified term, from the moment of application by the Customer, the agreement between the parties is terminated by the Performer on the one hand as the contract does not come into effect. The customer can not be notified on it. If title signs arrives on the Performer’s details after the specified term, then such means are transferred back to the account of the Customer, and all commission expenses connected with the translation subtracted from these means.

5.7. If there is a delay of money transfer to the details specified by the Customer because of a settlement system, the Performer does not bear damage liability, resulting from long receipt of money. In this case the Customer has to agree that all claim will be made to a settlement system, and the Performer renders the help with a measure of the opportunities within the law.

5.8. In case of detection of a fake of communication streams or rendering influence, with the purpose to worsen work of the Performer, namely his program code, the application stops, and the transferred funds are exposed to recalculation according to the agreement in force. If the Customer does not agree with recalculation, he has full authority to dissolve the contract and title signs will go to the details specified by the Customer.

5.9. In case of use of services of the Performer, the Customer completely agrees that the Performer bears limited liability corresponding to a framework of these rules of the received title signs and does not give additional guarantees to the Customer and also does not bear before it additional responsibility. Respectively the Customer does not bear additional responsibility to the Performer.

5.10. The customer undertakes to carry out the standards relevant to the legislation and also not to forge communication streams and not to create obstacles for normal work of the program code of the Performer.

5.11. The performer does not bear damage liability and a consequence at wrong transfer of electronic currency in case the Customer specified incorrect details at application.

5.12. The user is forbidden to create applications at an old course, to intentionally make mistakes in creation of the application, for these violations verification responds and the user can be added to the black list of bestchange.

6. Warranty period

6.1 Within 24 hours from the moment of execution of exchange of the title signs Performer gives a guarantee for the rendered services under a condition if other terms are not stipulated.

7. Unforeseen circumstances.

7.1 In case in processing of the application of the Customer there are unforeseen circumstances promoting failure to follow of terms of the contract by the Performer, the date of implementation of the application is postponed for the corresponding term of duration of force majeure. The Performer does not bear responsibility for expired obligations.

8. Agreement form.

8.1 Both parties, in the person of the Performer and the Customer, adopt this agreement as the contract, equivalent on validity, designated in writing.

9. Blocking of purses.

9.1 In case there is a blocking of a purse of the Performer, because of the Customer. Money of the Customer keeps until a purse unblocking.

10. Claims and disputes.

10.1 Claims under this Agreement shall be accepted by the Contractor in the form of an e-mail in which the Customer indicates the essence of the claim. This letter is sent to the details of the Contractor specified on the site. Claims for claims that exceed 14 days are not accepted.

11. Carrying out exchange transactions.

11.1.Categorically it is prohibited to use the services of the Contractor for illegal transfers and fraudulent activities. When entering into this agreement, the Customer shall comply with these requirements and in case of fraud bear the criminal liability established by the legislation at the moment.

11.2. If it is impossible to fulfill the request automatically, due to circumstances beyond the Contractor ‘s control, such as lack of communication, lack of funds, or erroneous data of the Customer, the funds are received into the account within the next 24 hours or returned to the Customer ‘s details less commission expenses.

11.3. At the first request, the Contractor shall have the right to transmit information on the transfer of electronic currency to law enforcement agencies, administration of settlement systems, as well as victims of illegal actions suffered as a result of fraud proved by judicial authorities.

11.4. The Customer shall submit all identity documents in case of suspected fraud and money laundering.

11.5. The Customer undertakes not to interfere with the Contractor ‘s work and not to cause damage to its software and hardware, as well as the Customer undertakes to transmit accurate information to ensure the Contractor ‘s compliance with all the terms of the contract.

11.6. For purchase of crypto, there is a limit on carrying out exchange transactions, 1 user can make no more than 1 application per day

11.7. The Customer is prohibited from making exchanges in favor of third parties.

11.8. In case of suspicious transactions, the Customer may request verification.

11.9. The Customer is prohibited to create requests at the old rate, to deliberately make errors in the creation of the request, for this violation the verification is withdrawn and the Customer can put on the blacklist of bestchange.

12. Refusal of obligations.

12.1 The Contractor has the right to refuse to conclude the contract and execute the application without explanation. This clause applies to any customer.

13. Personal Data Storage and Processing

13.1 The customer accepting this agreement agrees to the processing and storage of personal data

13.2 Personal data of the Customer shall be kept by the Executive