25.03.2024, 11:20

Great service. It is second time I use it and I appreciated. This time the transaction took a little more time, but then it was settled. The support service is efficient. I recommend it.

18.03.2024, 16:06

Just completed my first transaction ADVCash USD to GBP bank. All went through very smoothly in around 90 minutes. The systеm keeps you updated with regular emails when the status changes.
Very happy with the service. Thank you!

06.03.2024, 12:43

Did multiple exchanges already, everything went smooth! Thank you

02.01.2024, 16:15

USDT to CAD exchange took a lot of time but went well. Good exchange rate. Fine tech support.

19.11.2023, 15:11

My First Exchange succeeded with ID:240485 . Thank you so much.

08.06.2023, 17:41

My first exchange successed with ID:240485. thank you very much.

21.02.2023, 08:47

Виникла проблема при обміні, помилка. Але написавши в підтримку все було виправлено і вирішено за лічені хвилини. Щиро дякую, за гарну роботу

14.11.2018, 12:52

really nice service with good Reserve and fast operation! thank you

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