To receive a refund for funds sent to the account of the Electronic Assets Exchange Internet Service (hereinafter referred to as the Service), the User needs to contact the technical support of the website using the button in the lower right corner of the page. The refund will be made manually, in accordance with the rules specified below, within 24 hours from the moment the User agrees to the refund.

The refund can only be made to the User’s account from which the Assets were sent or to the account confirmed by the User’s email, in accordance with the Rules for changing the details of the Request.

The Service undertakes to return the Assets that the Client has sent to the Service’s accounts only in the following cases:

  • The User did not receive the Assets from the Service on their accounts.
  • The User made a Request with errors or violated the Service’s rules.
  • The Service cannot complete the Exchange due to the User’s account being blocked, unactivated, incorrect, or limited.

The return of Assets is made at the current rate minus % of the exchange amount, as well as all costs that the Service will incur when making a refund (payment systеm commissions, cryptocurrency exchange costs, etc.). Exceptions may be force majeure situations or cases when a refund is made due to a technical failure in the service.

For the Asset Refunds provided by this policy, the Service charges a commission in accordance with the tariff:

Type of Asset   Commission
Cryptocurrency   -0,5% 
-stable commission of the Exchange for withdrawal
Payeer   -0,5%
Perfect Money   -0,5%
Advanced Cash   -1%

Separate conditions apply for the return of fiat currencies. We strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with them before sending EUR, USD, or KZT to the Service.

Every time a user makes a fiat payment to the Service, we convert it to USDT on cryptocurrency exchanges. In cases where the exchange cannot be completed, the Service repurchases the fiat currencies back at the exchange rate at the time and returns the Assets to the User, withholding a commission of 4% (payment for the services of the cryptocurrency exchange) or 1% if payment was made using stablecoin.

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