Dear clients, the security of your transactions is of great importance to us. In this regard, we would like to draw your attention to the following rules for converting electronic currencies, which will help safeguard your financial well-being:

Before sending any funds to our service, please make sure to review the document “Cryptocurrency Deposit Rules,” which contains important information to prevent potential asset losses.

Exercise extreme caution when filling in the recipient’s “Account Number” field to avoid errors. Just one mistake could lead to an irreversible transfer of your funds to an unknown destination.

It is highly discouraged to engage in financial operations using “non-reversible” electronic payment systems, as this significantly increases the risk of falling victim to fraud.

Always verify any information received via email by directly contacting our exchange personnel.

Refrain from conducting transactions on behalf of third parties through your personal bank accounts, as you may unknowingly become involved in financial crimes. Furthermore, please note that our service strictly prohibits transferring funds to third-party accounts.

Finally, we want to emphasize that, along with similar platforms, does not offer loans, does not accept funds on credit or with interest, and is not involved in charitable activities. If you receive suspicious messages, refrain from following their instructions and promptly report the incident to our support service.

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23.05.2024, 12:11